Lick Me I'm Delicious was dreamt up by award winning food inventor Charlie Harry Francis. He grew up on an ice cream farm in the depths of South Wales with his Dad, the ice cream maker, and his Mum, an incredible baker and confectionary maker. He wanted a way of combining these two skills to make delicious custom ice cream creations, right in front of people's eyes.

The first ice cream contraption was born in 2011, forged in the freezing fires of mount ice cream, it is the portable nitro ice cream parlour. Top secret construction of the second contraption experiment was completed in December 2012 with the launch of the World's first ever nitro ice cream buggy - honk. The delicious edible mist machine has just burst onto the scene with a smorgasbord of too many to count amazing flavours and there's also a little instant lollipop machine knocking around which we haven't yet launched but will show you if you ask us nicely. Oh, and lots of other things are being worked on in the workshop, they will pop up at some point.

Have a read of our blog. In order to keep you on your toes, we write and update it erratically.



The OIfactic Dog Nose



And an Olfactic Dog Nose


Introducing the latest device from the Edible Inventor, wearing this awesome looking device for 10 minutes prior to your meal will improve the taste of your food better than any condiment. And make you look awesome.

How? Why? What?

It bascially gives you a gentle nasal douche, improving your sense of smell and perception of flavour. It works by introducing a warm moist buffer between your nasal cavity and the outside air which moistens the mucous membranes in your nose allowing them dislodge any irritants and making them better able to dissolve odorants into your mucus lining so they can be detected by your olfactory receptors. Think of it as a palette cleanser for your nose.


This is all part of the Human Cookbook movement I'm championing - showing how your mental and phyiscal condition can have a bigger effect on how good your food taste than any other factors. Sounds serious, it's basically a way to really enjoy eating biscuits, have a read through these ones for three more ways to have an awesome biscuit;

Sensory Overload Biscuit - Our mouths are constantly bombarded with sugars, salts and awesome flavours, bore the hell out of your mouth for a week, giving yourself a nice bit of flavour sensory depravation, and then eat a biscuit. I can guarantee that will be the best biscuit you will ever eat.

Exercise Biscuit - Again, attributed to additional moisture in the nasal cavity following exercise, your sense of smell is heightened following a good run, meaning your sense of smell and perception of flavour will be much better. Go for a run, then eat a biscuit.

Stress Biscuit - From a pure concentration point of view, if you're stressed you're less likely to notice the food you're eating and you're also likely to eat faster, chewing your food less, giving your taste receptors less time to do their work. Take time over that biscuit.


Gadgets and Gizmos

So I was on Gadget man the other week which was pretty ace, jabbering away about a load of food gagetry machines and bits and pieces, here's a picture of me holding my belly


We had a look at loads of cool stuff, including life pills, a 12 course gormet meal in a can and of course glow in the dark lollipops got in on the action. We also got the Levitron up and running with a Gin and Tonic droplet which was pretty sweet;


And most awesome of all it featured a sneek peek at our new prototype whirligig whirlwind candyfloss machine, which was very exciting! Here's a shot of strawberries and cream candyfloss being whizzed around;


If you fancy watching it, have a goggle over the link below;


The Levitron

Fed up with storing that clunky cocktail shaker in your cupboard?

Can't stand washing up your glass after a relaxing G&T?

Tired of the effort of lifting up your drink to your lips EVERY TIME you want a sip?

Have a spare 30K?

Then the Levitron is for you! Introducing the World's first Levitating Cocktail machine, which uses sound waves to levitate tiny droplets of incredibly potent alcohol which you lick out of the air. Here's a Gin and Tonic levitating cocktail at about 70% proof;


The project has been a collaboration with the incredible Professor Bruce Drinkwater of Bristol University along with help from PHD Phil and the awesome and amazing final year gang Pietro, Joe, Harry, Chris. Bruce is the professor of Ultrasonics at Bristol University, specialising in Ultrasonics; Non-Destructive Testing (NDT); Ultrasonic arrays; and Ultrasonic particle manipulation, so he's basically one of the smartest people in the World. Here's a picture of me smiling manically while Bruce looks on like a wise scientist, surrounded by lots of arcane electronics and a Levitron rig;


This is the first step in the project 'Contactless Cutlery', which will see us attempt to remove Cutlery from the dining experience. Next we're going to try and levitate popcorn and eventually we hope to float an entire roast meal into your mouth. At least that's the plan. If you'd like to see a video of the Levitron Cocktail machine in action, click on the link below to see Super Strength Gin and Tonic floating about in space;

MONDAY, 26 MAY 2014

The Edible Mist Machines!

Wuhoo! Mist. We've just launched our new Edible Mist Machines which is all very exciting. They use ultrasonic vapourisation to create a micromist of flavour that you suck up through a straw. We've got an insane number of mist flavours to choose from, I think apple pie is probably the current top runner, with smoked bacon, candy floss and mango close runners up. Here's a super snazy video shot by the amazing Mr & Mrs Productions

And there's more here including some stunning photography by the very talented Mr Dan Regan;

Superdooper misty taster


Jimmy's Ferret Farm

OK, so it's not really a ferret farm, but they did have ferrets there and this little chap thought I made the perfect lookout post


I was there to give an Experimental Food demonstration for their Science and Nature Festival. I also got one of the best heckles ever, after claiming that we at Lick Me I'm Delicious have made every flavour of ice cream known to man, one kid piped up to ask if I'd ever made poo ice cream. No. No I haven't, but I now have an official taster volunteer if we ever decide to go there. Here's a shot of me jabbering on


It really is an amazing place, if you get a free weekend, head down there and chill out on the farm for a day, it's wicked, plus they've got a beer festival so that's got to make a visit worthwhile



Mechanical Invention Time

We've been working on a load of new machines which we're going to be launching throughout the year, they're all self destruct top secret, so here are a series of obscure photos of each of them.


They're all pretty cool though and they all have different powers and abilities, a bit like edible pokemon;


This next one is by far the most complicated of the machines that we've spent about a year in development so far, the ellusive and incredible superdooper Whirlygig;